RCMloader one Firmware v1.1 released!

Firmware v1.1 change log:
Fixed the LED not off when injection fail problem.
Enhanced the stability of the injecting.
Firmware update instruction
1.Download the firmware file first from here
2.Unzip the firmware file.
3.Connect the RCMloader one to your Computer via the MicroUSB cable.

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RCMloader one Troubleshooting

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Technical Department:

Problem: The LED of RCMloader one is always ON, it looks like a crash.


1 Use a pin to lick the upper part of the reset hole and the RCMloader will reset to the normal state.
2 Upgrade to the latest firmware v1.1 following here.

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RCMloader one news

After several months of hard work, we have fully optimized RCMloader zero, and we are very happy that RCMloader one can finally meet you! The power supply part is changed from capacitors to a lithium battery, and the standby time of full power is up to 3 months. The payload management continues the convenient and…

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