RCMloader ONE Plus (White package)

Firmware v2.02    DOWNLOAD

Change log:

  • Fix the problem that the new version of hekate v5.6.0 payload cannot be injected.

Firmware update instruction

1.Download the firmware upgrade tool.
2.Unzip the firmware upgrade tool.
3.Run the upgrade tool(Windows): RCMloader one plus update tool v2.02
4.Click and tick “auto download”.
5.Press the key “+” of the RCMloader while inserting the USB data cable, the LED of RCMloader flashes blue and green alternately, and the RCMloader enters the upgrade mode.
6.Wait until the upgrade is successful, the blue upgrade progress is 100%, and “pass” is displayed above the software, then the injector upgrade is successful.

RCMloader ONE plus / ONE U disk built-in files(20211117)    Download


LEDcolour     Folder name                             Built-inpayload
1  Blue            ATMOSPHERE_HEKATE    HEKATE_CTCAER_5.6.5_Nyx_1.1.1
2  Green         REINX                                   REINX_3.0
3  Red             SXOS                                    SX_loader_1.0
4  Yellow         USER1                                  –
5  Purple         USER2                                  –
6  Green         USER3                                  –

How to update files in U disk?

1 Format the U disk to FAT format
2 Unzip all files into the root directory of the USB flash drive


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